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In November 1980, Carangi left Wilhelmina Models and signed with Ford Models, but she was dropped within weeks.

Modeling offers soon ceased and her fashion industry friends, including Sandy Linter, refused to speak to her, fearing their association with her would harm their careers.

It’s chock-full of product recommendations, step-by-step tutorials and cosmetic solutions (surgical and non-surgical). “I’m just a girl who does makeup and I’m going to teach you how.” Where did you grow up? I got my license and landed a job at a beauty counter of Bloomingdales, owned by a man named Mr. He ran a salon on Madison Avenue with clients such as Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O. One day when he was in, I said to him, ‘Next time you need a makeup artist, would you consider me please? Today I prefer making my clients up in a chair with perfect lighting.

So you can whisper and wonder all you want about how she looks so good… I was born in Brooklyn in 1947, and I grew up in Staten Island.

with an un-sharpened eye pencil.) And now, this open book has written a book: is Sandy and her co-author Lois Joy Johnson’s no-nonsense, spare-no-details beauty guide for FOFs. My husband at the time convinced me to go to beauty school. I was very accustomed to working on her age group even though I was young. How are they supposed to know how to makeup a 50-60 year-old woman? I had to go to one little store called Boyd’s Chemist on Madison Avenue to find brushes that they imported from Paris. When i was younger, I’d work on the road, in campers, even sitting in the dirt in Morocco. Despite airbrushing, some of the photos, as published in the November 1980 issue, reportedly still showed visible needle marks.Carangi was born in Philadelphia, the third and youngest child of Joseph Carangi, a restaurant owner, and Kathleen Carangi (née Adams), a homemaker.It wasn’t like any model I’d worked with before.” Born on January 29, 1960 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Gia Marie Carangi was raised in a turbulent home.Scavullo photographed her for the April 1982 cover of Cosmopolitan, her last cover appearance for an American magazine.

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Here’s one in which she shares some memories with model Carol Alt.

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