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Validating cleaning procedures protein toc

A device which has not been cleaned properly may inhibit the ability of the sterilization process to achieve the proper sterility assurance level.Device cleaning procedures must be able to remove gross amounts of soil from the device in order for it to be determined clean and safe for further processing.Such instruments have been on the market for decades and are widely used in the refining, food/beverage, chemical, and semiconductor industries.In 2004 FDA launched a significant push to introduce widespread use of process analytical technology (PAT) in pharmaceutical production, including the cleaning validation process.The initiative is part of a broader move toward next-generation optimization concepts like continuous manufacturing and work-in-progress inventory management.The FDA’s PAT guidelines state that on-line, in-line, and at-line measurement of critical quality attributes are acceptable if they are capable of real-time assessments that are equivalent to or better than laboratory measurements like HPLC.

The handheld battery-powered scanner produces fast measurements that confirm residues are within a specified range and help determine whether additional immediate cleaning is required.Cleaning validation is here to stay, but the changing landscape of pharmaceutical manufacturing is opening the door to testing technologies that speed up the process – and possibly improve its accuracy.Drug manufacturers, makers of laboratory equipment, and the FDA have been working to develop tools and methods for cleaning validation testing at the production line.A wide range of real-time analyzers are optimized for cleaning validation or verification, each offering specific strengths for certain types of situations.One emerging method under development at Pfizer involves a flashlight-style infrared laser analyzer that can measure residues at concentrations under 1 microgram per square centimeter.

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