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Plaintiffs indicate that, among others, no maps exist for the cities of Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Burlington, Newton, or Fort Dodge.

In other counties, the responsibility for developing maps has been delegated to the towns and cities within the county.

n2 Laws reacting where sex offenders may live are relatively new and somewhat unique in other jurisdictions. § 947.1405(7)(a)(2) (released sex offender with victim under eighteen prohibited from living within 1,000 feet of a school, day care center, park, playground, or other place where children regularly congregate); Georgia, GA. § 42-1-13 (2003) (sex offenders required to register shall not reside within 1,000 feet of any child care facility, school, or area where minors congregate); Illinois, 720 Illinois Comp. § 5/11-9.3(b-5) (as amended 2000) (child sex offenders prohibited from knowingly residing within 500 feet of schools); Kentucky, Ky. Plaintiffs' contend that they received a copy of the list only after filing an open records request and paying a seventy dollar fee. Caswell testified that the central database is updated daily. Caswell further explained that the turnover rate for child care facilities is frequent and could be high. The 2002 list contains 7462 daycare locations and is 258 pages long. At the most basic level, an individual can apply to register as a Category A child development home, so long as the applicant is at least eighteen years old, provides three letters of reference, and has a smoke detector [*850] and fire extinguisher in the house. There is no fee for the application and the registration is valid for two years. Implementation of Iowa Code § 692A.2A John Werden, the Carroll County, Iowa, county attorney testified for the State on the steps taken to implement § 692A.2A in his county.

Iowa, 2003) DISPOSITION: Court declared Iowa Code § 692A.2A unconstitutional; Defendants permanently enjoined from enforcing the Act. PRATT OPINION: [*846] MEMORANDUM [**2] OPINION AND ORDER Writing in dissent from an en banc panel of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals more than thirty years ago, former Chief Circuit Judge Donald Lay observed: The denial of due process in parole revocation simply mirrors society's overall attitude of degradation and defilement of a convicted felon. Yet, in some instances, the crimes perpetrated by certain classes of offenders are so offensive to human dignity and so atrocious that many would be comfortable using any means necessary to prevent even the possibility of re-offense. Defendants counter that the Act is a lawful exercise of the State's police power and a constitutional effort to protect children from dangerous individuals.

A convict who has served his or her sentence still faces the social stigmas and discrimination that Judge Lay described. Plaintiffs further contend that Iowa Code § 692A.2A is an unconstitutional ex post facto law when [**6] applied to those class members who committed their crimes before July 1, 2002.

As Werden admitted at trial, a daycare center in the town of Breda was mistakenly omitted from the maps produced for law enforcement and for trial.

After correcting the map to reflect the location, the entire town was encompassed by a restricted area.

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Upon certifying both Plaintiff and Defendant classes, the Court granted Plaintiffs' motion to temporarily enjoin enforcement of Iowa Code § 692A.2A until the Court ruled on Plaintiffs' motion for a preliminary injunction.