Refinance student loan consolidating student loan dating materials using radioactive isotopes

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Refinance student loan consolidating student loan

When you apply for loan refinancing with a private lender, the private lender is essentially consolidating and refinancing your student loans.Whereas when you consolidate your federal loans with a Direct Consolidation Loan, this only combines your federal loans together without reducing your interest payment.

However, if you are refinancing the loan to obtain a longer loan, then be aware that while your monthly payments decrease, the amount of money you pay for the entire loan increases.Another way a refinancing saves you money is because it can extend the duration of your loan.If you choose to refinance your 10-year student loan into a 20-year loan, you will see a dramatic cut in your monthly payments.Choosing a variable rate for your student loan can be riskier; since rates can go up anytime, but it can also land you a lower interest rate.The private lender, Earnest, even allows borrowers to switch between a fixed and variable rate without incurring any fees.

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Both lenders offer lower interest rates, flexible terms and perks.