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He wouldn’t make a popular itinerant preacher today.

He wouldn’t be getting millions of hits on You Tube.

They had no power tools of course so the wood had to be cut by using hand tools and great physical labor which must have took long, tedious hours to work with.

The wood was not like what we see today; two by fours or four by sixes. These timbers had to be cut down by hand and they had to be sawed down into workable sections. And carpenters in those days worked with stone more than they did wooden beams.

They certainly do not hear the true gospel from these people and they do receive any sound Christian teaching.

Jesus’ humanity made Him out to be no different looking than any other man of the day.

Otherwise, we really don’t know what Jesus looked like other than He was an ordinary looking man, that He was strong and extremely physically fit and that He was able to blend in with the crowds very easily.

Did He look different from the rest of the Jews or was He no different from those of His day?

I believe that we will be shocked on the day that we see Jesus Christ.

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And these stones were just not simple stepping stones or mortar bricks but more like boulders and these boulders had to be chiseled and cut down to size.

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