Palestine bethlehem singles dating

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Palestine bethlehem singles dating

There is also a narrow-gauge railroad from Jerusalem to Jaffa, the latter being the chief port of Judea, Gaza being the second. There are, however, a few special industries: at Jerusalem, carving in olive wood; at Bethlehem, carving in mother-of-pearl; at Gaza, goat's hair tissue, slippers, and soap; at Hebron, leather and water-bottles, jars and glass trinkets.The Mutessariflik of Jerusalem, which nearly corresponds to the ancient Judea, has an area of 8484 square miles, and comprises 328 cities, towns, villages, and hamlets, with an aggregate population of 350,000, of whom 100,000 are non-Mussulman.Like the adjective Ioudaios , the noun Ioudaia comes from the Aramæan Iehûdai ( Ezra ).It designates the part of Palestine adjacent to Jerusalem and inhabited by the Jewish community after their return from captivity.But the Machabees, through their conquests, pushed the frontiers back; Apherema (Taybeh? It was one of the first provinces to benefit by the preaching of the Apostles. Peter, when he went forth from the upper chamber, and "there came together to Jerusalem a multitude out of the neighbouring cities, bringing sick persons, and such as were troubled with unclean spirits ; who were all healed" ( Acts ). Kafar Sâmâ was probably in the neighbourhood of Hebron (perhaps Semouah). Paul again and again speaks of the Churches of Judea as being sorely tried by poverty, dissension, and persecution — Churches to which he was at first unknown, but which afterwards listened to his voice ( 1 Thessalonians ; Galatians ; Acts ). as a great square of territory lying between Aqrabeh, Deir Ballût, and the Nahr el Audjeh, on the north; the Mediterranean, on the west; Bersabee and Tell ' Arad, on the south; the Dead Sea and the Jordan, on the east — Judea presents a sufficiently varied physiognomy.), Lydda, Ramathem, (Rentis) ( 1 Maccabees ), Jaffa ( 1 Maccabees ), Mâdabâ, Samaria, Scythopolis (Josephus, "Antiq. Philip, one of the most zealous of the first seven deacons, baptizes the eunuch of Ethiopia on the road from Jerusalem to Gaza, in the spring which rises at the foot of Bethsûr. Christianity was planted in Judea so early that at the Council of Nicæa (325) we meet with bishops of Cæsarea, Ascalon, Nicopolis, Jamnia, Eleutheropolis, Maximianopolis (Hebron? On the west the ancient Philistia, the plains of Shephelah, of the Darôm, and of Saron produce sesame, wheat, and sorghum in abundance, while the orange, citron, palm, and vine grow there freely.

It was shortly after the Council of Trent and the pope wanted to get the decrees of the Council to all the European bishops. continue reading More Saint of the Day An elder Mexican man makes his way to Mass in the early morning twilight of December 9, 1531.Its original limits may be assigned as follows: Bethsûr, on the south; Bethoron, on the north; Emaüs, on the west; the Jordan on the east.The Jews scattered in other parts of the country did not inhabit Judea properly so called. C., the Syrian general Bacchides wished to keep Judea in his possession, he built forts at Jericho, Bethoron, Bethel, Tibneh, and Tephon (not Bêt-Nettif), and fortified Bethsûr and Gézer ( 1 Maccabees -52 ). Nehemiah 3 ) and the Hasmoneans, the boundaries of the Jewish country underwent few modifications. The evangelization of Judea began during the earthly life of Christ, Who journeyed through the land more than once and had friends there. The Talmud is perhaps furnishing information on the preaching of the Gospel in Judea when it speaks of James of Kafar Sâmâ, who healed the sick in the name of Jesus. Considered in the extension given to it by Josephus — i.e.First, in the Old Testament, Gabriel appears to the prophet Daniel to explain his ... He became an extremely skillful metalsmith and was appointed master of the mint under King Clotaire II of Paris.Eligius developed a close friendship with the King and his reputation as an ...

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At first a province ( medînah ) of the Persian Empire, it was administered by a governor who resided at Jerusalem and was assisted by a council of elders. C., Alexander annexed it to the empire which he was then building. Of this region the chief centres are Jerusalem (80,000 to 100,000 inhabitants), Bethlehem (7000 inhabitants), Hebron (9000 inhabitants). part of Judea, abutting on the Dead Sea and the Jordan, is dotted with little hills, and peopled by nomadic tribes.

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