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Google Glass is like one camera car for each of the thousands, possibly millions, of people who will wear the device – every single day, everywhere they go – on sidewalks, into restaurants, up elevators, around your office, into your home.

From now on, starting today, anywhere you go within range of a Google Glass device, everything you do could be recorded and uploaded to Google’s cloud, and stored there for the rest of your life.

The immediate, most visible problem in the Glass experience is how dorky the user looks while wearing it.

No one wants to be the only person in the bar dressed like a cyborg from a 1992 virtual-reality movie. Early adopters will abandon Google Glass if they don’t sense the social approval they seek while wearing it. All floating in front of you, never out of your sight!

There’s something else Google Glass makes possible that no one – – has talked about yet, and so today I’m writing this blog post to describe it.

To read the raving accounts of tech journalists who Google commissioned for demos, you’d think Glass was something between a jetpack and a magic wand: something so cool, so sleek, so that it must inevitably replace that fading, pitifully out-of-date device called the smartphone.

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And this is where our story takes a turn, toward a ramification that dwarfs every other issue raised so far on Google Glass.

Yes, the glasses look dorky – Google will fix that.

Seeing your bitstreams floating in the air in front of you, it would seem, is an ecstatic experience. (For a more accurate exploration of Glass-enabled distraction, see this darkly comic parody video.

Even edgier is this parody – warning, some spicy language.) As if all that wasn’t enough, Google Glass comes with yet another, even more important feature: Today, finally, that future has arrived: a major company offering the ability to record your life, store it, and share it – all with a simple voice command.

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Finally – here’s where the problems really start – you don’t know if they’re taking a video of you.

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