Late night sexy chat lines

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Chapter 1: Jen Discovers Exhibitionism Jennifer was 37, and happily married to John who was 42. They also were also open-minded about opportunities that could enhance their sexual experiences together.

They were both attractive, worked out regularly and kept in great shape. They had a profound connection and emotional bond together. The success of their marriage hinged on the deep-rooted trust they had for one another. They were open to having sex with other partners, but that's not to say that they had an open marriage.

In a hazy morning fog, she didn't know where she was at first. She recalled John saying the night before he had to be to the client's office early that morning.

Feeling horny and unsatisfied, Jen reached down and started rubbing her wet pussy.

Already aroused from her dream, she enjoyed her own touch instantly. She was getting quite worked up and was breathing heavily.

Jen again looked over at the empty bed next to her and sighed again as she laid back down staring up at the ceiling.

She wished John was there, as she really liked fucking him in the morning after having erotic dreams.

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Then, she laid down and reached behind her to untie the top of her bikini to avoid more lines.