Dating in plano texas

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Dating in plano texas

The Lake has lots of places t run, and beautiful settings.

You are a few minutes from the Uptown Bars/Pickup Joints, a few minutes from the lower key bars on henderson, and can walk to local neighborhood bars, and restaurants.

It does have a Whole Foods and I do very much like the Japan House although sushi is very good (not great).

What you're looking for is as Turtle Creek explains above is in the Uptown neighborhood of Dallas. I just accepted a really nice job offer in Plano, TX, and have also just signed up to lease an apartment in the same area.

I find it full of Affliction-wearing, pretentious players and 30 thousand dollar millionaires.

Uptown is about image." Yeah, Plano gets a bad rap on this forum vis-a-vis Uptown. People will live where they feel the most comfortable.

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There are also tons of young professionals groups that facilitate social events and also support your interests.

), and I'm on track for my long term plans such as my retirement job etc. (Oh, and I'm coming from Orange County, CA) Thanks . Plano sounds like the antithesis of what you are seeking.

Plano is a quiet family oriented conservative (politically and socially) suburb. Bigger homes, lots of shopping and dinning (particularly chains), not much night life, not much of an arts scene (music or visual), very clean, very safe, very good schools, very family oriented.

Exactly where in that case would depend if your job is towards the East or West side of Plano.

Pretty much everything you appear to seek is not what you're gonna find in Plano. IT has no parks worth mentioning unless you like football fields. Lots of bone dry sundrenched trails with twig trees.

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And all-you-can-eat too very cool Things I WANT to check out: - I've never been in the bar scene before, but would like to give it a shot..sure how to start! I'm going to have a full-time day job, and I also run my own side business at the same time..outside of that I'm usually free on weeknights and weekends to get a life - New ways to enjoy the community Worries: - I've heard mixed reviews about's more of a quiet area and perfect for raising a family (neither of which I'm really looking for) - Cops are mean? I'm not so worried about money (I have enough to live comfortably as long as I do a good job), I'm not so worried about family/strings (I'm single, I have no kids and am not planning on any right now, and not really looking for a boyfriend either..looking to indulge in myself during my 20s! Even the Shops @ Legacy bars in Plano are more centered around divorcees and 30-40's than 20-something singles.