Dating a bachelor

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"I think me and Arie are going to wind up together no matter who he picks," she says with a smile. "As for whether we'll see her on a franchise show again, Olympios says she has not been approached about joining the franchise's newest series, Winter Games, but is open to it.

The blonde beauty says if Viall, who recently parted ways with fiancee Vanessa Grimaldi, called her up, she'd be open to a meetup.

Photo cred: @rwardphoto A post shared by Wells Adams (@wellsadams) on Because that’s what supportive boyfriends do! Omg how cute he can’t even spend a night away from her! She could have used the black heart to match Wells’s black on black ensemble but instead she put a heart-eye emoji.

Also, he posted the Instagram almost two weeks after the event which means he was obviously still thinking about it for some reason—maybe they had another passionate makeout sesh?

Get out your vom buckets ’cause it’s about to get real in this cute house.” She continued sharing adorable photos and selfies of them from the date to her Instagram Story saying, “Um, hi.

That was annoyingly cute, and I’m very sorry I had to put you all through that.

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Everyone knows Taylor and Derek are adorable together, and nobody can deny Dean and Kristina are perfect for each other, but what about the couples that aren't really ~couples~ yet? And, of course, people are already shipping these two because, honestly, why wouldn't we?

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