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Photo’s from , page 167 The Keystone inscription translates as “The Holy of Holies, The Law of God, The King of the Earth, The Word of the Lord” The black Decalogue stone depicts a man in full length robes, a sash and Jewish temple ceremonial hat along with the name of Moses above the image. Photo from The Bat Creek Stone was recovered during a professional archaeological dig by John W.The inscribed writing has been determined to be an ancient script now called “Block Hebrew,” or “Monumental Hebrew” because of its being found in Jerusalem near the 4th century, A. Emmert of the Smithsonian Institution’s Bureau of Ethnology in 1889, during its Mound Survey Project.Until now, such artifacts have been relegated to the realm of forgeries and fakes, most often by individuals and organizations having an agenda to maintain the status quo against any evidence suggesting advanced civilization or capabilities of the ancient Native American peoples.This has been well documented in the film, (see bookstore).Read on for the entire history making story…the case for Book of Mormon written language in America’s Heartland!

It was mistakenly thought that the only literate culture in the Americas were the Maya of Mesoamerica, but scholars know that the Mayan glyph system originated from Asiatic writing systems, which have nothing to do with either of the languages specified by the Book of Mormon – thus eliminating any linguistic connection between the Maya and the Nephites.

Today, non-LDS scientists have verified two stones having Hebrew inscriptions in America’s Heartland, thereby validating the January 1st, 1842 issue of the but a few of the corresponding accounts of fortifications and works of defense there are to be found in the Book of Mormon and American Antiquities, but these are sufficient to show the public that the people whose history is contained in the Book of Mormon, are the authors of these works.” In contrast to the lack of evidence for Hebrew or Egyptian language in Mesoamerica, many artifacts have been found in North America bearing Hebrew and other Old World inscriptions.

These have been met with skepticism, overwhelming bias and even contempt by archaeological and scientific communities.

See clips from this episode by watching Video Gallery #109 or directly on You Tube HERE.

Only Two Written Language Forms Only two written languages are mentioned as in use during the Nephite period of the Book of Mormon; Reformed Egyptian and Hebrew (Mormon -33).

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Wolter’s presentation and analysis HERE or under Petrographic Analysis below at timestamp).

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