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The influence of Sydney Diocese and its leaders is felt in various parts of the Australian church in a number of ways.Until the diocese's recent financial debacle, funding was directed to certain Sydney-friendly dioceses.Through these roles and his church-planting activities, his influence is arguably more significant than his brother's more public role.

Perhaps even more troubling is the close Sydney link with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES), now the predominant student Christian organization across Australian universities since the demise of the once-dominant Student Christian Movement and the decline of diocesan-funded university chaplaincies.

However, it would seem to be an outreach of Sydney Diocese in all but name.

Its headquarters are in the same building complex as Matthias Media, the publishing arm of Phillip Jensen's former parish, St Matthias', Centennial Park.

On his webpage, Archbishop Jensen claims he is "recognized as a key leader in the worldwide Anglican Church" and notes that he was "one of the organizers of the [GAFCON] conference in Jerusalem in 2008." Plans for a second GAFCON meeting in 2012, announced recently, included approval for an expansion of the Sydney-based secretariat. Its diocesan budget funds provision of training programs to GAFCON-aligned national churches in Africa and Asia sourced from the diocesan training college, Moore Theological College, among other things.

Its international influence reaches beyond the churches assisted through the GAFCON/FCA network, however.

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AFES claims to employ more than 100 people in campus ministries in every Australian state and territory.

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